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School: University of Southern California

Year Graduated: 1985

License and State: LCSW15209


Additional Credentials:

Certificate: The Wellness Institute / Clinical Hypnotherapist

Certificate Date: 1996

Certificate: International Association of Trauma Professionals / Clinical Trauma Professional

Certificate Date: 2020

There is no better feeling than knowing someone is or has worked through their issues and feeling that life is making them smile and laugh again. I love working with kids and adolescents; even the very difficult ones. Functional, healthy and happy relationships are so important in todays society; especially with all the obstacles we have to face. I specialize in assuring everyone in the family benefits from treatment. Therapy is about looking at your problems and the partnership between the therapist and the client. By working together we deal with your thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

I specialize in a number of areas: Life Transitions & Crisis/ Adolescent Issues/ Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders/ Addictions & Impulse Problems/ Women's Issues/ Grief & Loss/ Relationship Issues/ Sleep Disorders/ Anxiety & Panic/ &  Blended Families & Reunification/ Anger Management/ Reactive Attachment Disorders/ Gay & Lesbian Trauma/ PTSD/ Self Esteem Issues/ Child Abuse & Problems/ ADHD / ADD/ Fears & Phobias/ Chronic Illness/Pain.

Among knowledge of many theories in therapeutic areas I am a Cognitive Behavioral Therapist and focus to help clients redirect thoughts, feelings and behaviors in a positive direction. I am also a Clinical Hypnotherapist for over 25+ years. In 2013 I was certified by the Eagala program which utilizes horses to work as partners actually helping do the therapy with individuals, couples, families and groups.  I have also worked with Crisis and Trauma for over 30 years and am a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional.  I believe the more "modalities" I know the more techniques I have to offer to my unique client base who I know one therapy does not "fit all."  I am truly "eclectic."  

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